Friday, 21 November 2014

Monday, 17 November 2014

Team Thom Browne: Boulevard Vincent Auriol, Paris

One of the best elements to the menswear industry is comradery across brands. There's a frenzy that happens outside the menswear shows when team Thom Browne approaches and despite this, the chap on the right still had time to say 'hello' to his friend.

Apologies for the lack of updates on GarconJon this week, I've been working away on many exciting client projects as well as my new personal one 'Manufacturing Menswear' which launches next month. More info coming soon!

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Sovreigns Travel: Le Metro, Paris

A lesson in how to wear men's jewellery from the always stylish Robert of Thousand Yard Style blog.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Discovering Shoreditch Street Art with Uniqlo

This month, Uniqlo asked me to shoot a series of street art images around Shoreditch to showcase the truly unique visual inspiration available on every corner in East London. I took a jaunt from Benthal Green to Brick Lane, wearing some of Uniqlo's new washable extra fine merino wool and was followed on film to capture what I discovered.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Sartorial 7 x Atelier Scotch

For our 8th Sartorial 7 film we wanted to take things further afield to mix things up a little. After a successful visit to Pitti Uomo in Florence this summer, we set our sights to Amsterdam, a European capital of culture. Traveling from London, we headed straight to the new Atelier Scotch store to get dressed and fitted for a tour around the city.

As Atelier Scotch have seven design architypes and it seemed the perfect fit. Each of us selected a one look from each category from tailoring to luxury loungewear from the flagship Heilegeweg 45 boutique, then went on a uniquely Dutch adventure. Check out what we got up to in the film and see a range of photos by clicking 'Read More' below.

If you're interested in seeing more from Atelier Scotch, you can follow them at @Scotch_Official and let us know what you think of our adventure using #AtelierScotch on Twitter.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Preview: Sartorial 7 x Atelier Scotch

Check out tomorrow for the exclusive launch of the new Sartorial 7 film with Atelier Scotch in Amsterdam. For now, here's a sneak peak at some of the polaroids I shot and remember to keep an eye out on @TheSartorial7 and @Scotch_Official on Instagram.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

GarconJon meets...John Jarrett #StyledByClarks

This week, British shoemaker Clarks launched its first dedicated men’s pop-up in Covent Garden. To mark the opening, I photographed four London gents in their favourite Clarks' styles around Seven Dials.

In our final interview, Fashion Editor John Jarrett talks about rock climbing in Portugal and food in Asian culture. See the full feature below and if you're in London head to 55 Neal Street from the 23rd onwards, where you can find my photography as well as a curated selection of Clarks' coolest mens footwear.

John is wearing Monmart Limit in black and was photographed in The Phoenix Garden - 968 feet from the pop-up shop at 55 Neal Street.

John Jarrett, Fashion Editor at Individualism.

Where did you grow up and where do you live now? Born and raised here in London. Still here!

What's your star sign? I don't believe in star signs, but I was born in mid-May so I guess, Taurus.

Current album on repeat? I listen to a lot of korean music these days and although I can't understand most of it, it brings me back to the old school r'n'b days. I've been listening to Crush on You by Crush (크러쉬) and the Red Light album by Zion.T

Describe yourself in 5 words? Ambitious, Creative, Chilled, Dreamer, Determined.

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? When I was a kid, I had my heart set on being a dentist. Don't ask me why, I don't even remember. I was always drawing since primary school and developed a love for characters and stories. I played a heck of a lot of games and wanted to be a character designer for games. That kind of helps me in being imaginative when it comes to adapting ideas to shoots and short films.

As the fashion editor of Individualism, you've done some fantastic shoots. What's been your most memorable so far? Oh thank you!! Appreciate the love! I think my most memorable shoot to date was the one we did in the Algarve region of Faro, Portugal with Australian brand AM Eyewear for our 'indiv on the road' series. Man, that shoot was full-on! My team and models flew over from London and we shot in 40 degree heat! We only had 2 days to shoot and location scout and on top of that I lost my contact lense solution. Our camera ended up broken, we had to climb rocks to get to the best location and it was a race against time to get as many shots we could whilst the sun was out. The bright side was that we got to jump into the sea with what little break-time we had.

You've turned your hand to quite a few things over the years. What drew you to move into fashion? I wanted to be a character designer and pursued that dream going into university. My dream was to work at Pixar in the US or in Japan but that wasn't something that was readily obtainable at the time. After graduating and working briefly in an animation studio here in London, I felt that it wasn't the right career for me. So decided to use my knowledge of character design in fashion.

As a stylist you must be constantly looking for new designers - are there any you're excited about currently? Absolutely, I've kept my eye on a few new brands, one of which is Diego Vanassibara. Those shoes are amazing. He experiments with classic shoe styles mixing in hand-carved wooden panels. In terms of British brands, I'm really excited about Waven (pronounced Woven), which is a London-based brand whose aesthetic is built on contemporary casual styles with it's main focus on denim at an affordable price-point.

You've got quite bold style and I remember you told me a couple years ago that your Mum still doesn't understand your dress code. Why do you think you've been drawn to dressing differently? Yeah she makes fun of the fact that my styles change regularly. It's not a case of me being drawn to dressing differently but I had always been shy and needed a way for me to be creative and socialise. I'm sure most people get heckled at when they're even the slightest bit different in the way they dress. When i'm walking around with the Indiv crew we always get asked if we're characters of Boardwalk Empire.

Having an eye for the unique, who do you think dresses well? This one is super hard as I know a lot of guys that I actually look up to when it comes to style. I think it's definitely got to be my Outlanders brothers. Everyone has different styles. We all adopt many styles from street, smart to contemporary. Even Taka has this bohemian thing going on.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

GarconJon meets...Adam Titchener #StyledByClarks

Tonight, British shoemaker Clarks launch their first dedicated men’s pop-up in Covent Garden. To mark the opening, I photographed four London gents in their favourite Clarks' styles around Seven Dials.

In this interview, Adam Titchener talks about growing up in London's music scene and tips for buying the perfect suit. See the full feature below and head to 55 Neal Street from the 23rd onwards, where you can find my photography as well as a curated selection of Clarks' coolest mens footwear.

Adam is wearing Edward Lord boots in tan, photographed at St Giles in the Fields Church - 1025 feet from the pop-up shop at 55 Neal Street.

Adam Titchener, Editor-in-Chief of The Sartorial Guide.

Where did you grow up and where do you live now? My whole family are Battersea born and bred and I grew up just outside of London. Made the small journey back into central as soon as possible and I now reside in Hoxton, East London. Much to my dad’s annoyance.

What's your star sign? Aries.

Current album on repeat? Loveless - My Bloody Valentine (but thats always on repeat). At the moment it’s anything by St. Vincent, I’m obsessed with Annie Clark, her back catalogue is on while I’m working.

Describe yourself in 5 words? Optimistic, Positive, Tailored, Chelsea fan.

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be a professional footballer. I grew up surrounded by it, my whole family have been going to Chelsea since god-knows-when. This year is my 21st season going to the Bridge. Unfortunately after numerous trials and playing at under 13 level and what-not, I wasn’t in that 0.001% of incredible footballers, so I didn’t pursue it any further. After that I wanted to be a musician, I gigged every week from the age of 17 to 22, my band did quite well but circumstances were against us and I stumbled, wide eyed, into the world of menswear.

You've just started a new men's style site The Sartorial Guide - why did you create your own channel of communication? The main idea was to create an online publication that was as reliable and informative as a print publication. You tend to find websites that start great features that you like but then they tail off before you’ve had a chance to enjoy it the second time around. I wanted original content, in-house photo and video content. Creative people working together to come up with new and exciting ideas, I have a fantastic team working on the website, people that may not necessarily have qualifications in journalism but those who are able to express their knowledge of menswear, dining, culture and all the good things in life, with passion and personality. Working for other publications you realise what they have done well and what they could do better, and all you can try and do is better that, be more creative and deliver your readership what you would want to read everyday.

You're a man who knows his way around a suit - are there any points that men generally get wrong with buying a suit? I think the one thing most guys get wrong is they simply buy the wrong suit. You see it so many times where a suit isn’t ideal for their body shape. If you work out at the gym, don’t try and squeeze yourself into a skinny fit suit from Topman, it just looks ridiculous. A suit should be a second skin, it should accent you in all your best places and disguise all your not-so-good places. Attention to detail is important. Sleeve length is imperative as well as shape across the chest, arm hole and sleeve width. A tailor is your best friend here, you must get your suit altered if you buy it off the peg. I guarantee it won’t fit you perfectly otherwise. A cheaper, well-fitting suit, will look much better than an ill-fitting expensive suit, remember that.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

GarconJon meets... Jason Davis #StyledByClarks

This Wednesday, British shoemaker Clarks are launching its first dedicated men’s pop-up in Covent Garden. To mark the opening, I photographed four London gents in their favourite Clarks' styles around Seven Dials.

In our second interview, Jason Davis talks about his life on YouTube and how to respond to 'haterz'. See the full feature below and if you're in London, head to 55 Neal Street from the 23rd, where you can find my photography as well as a curated selection of Clarks' coolest mens footwear.

Jason is wearing Monmart Limit shoes in Cognac, photographed on Floral Street - 923 feet from the pop-up shop at 55 Neal Street.

Jason Davis, Job Unspecified.

Where did you grow up and where do you live now? I grew up in Bushey near Watford and now I live closer to central London near St John's Wood.

What's your star sign? Taurus.

Current album on repeat? The Black Keys Discography.

Describe yourself in 5 words? Aspirational, Open Minded, Trustworthy, Strong-willed, Opinionated.

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? I always wanted to be James Bond when I was young. I guess now I just try to think like him.

You're a bit of a YouTube sensation. What made you join the channel? I wouldn't say I am at all. The only thing I take pride in is my channel about depression/anxiety and how I have helped people, which is the reason I started a channel. But I try to stay away from the whole 'youtuber' thing. That's my girlfriend's job.

What's the best thing about creating videos? I am creative so being able to use creativity is nice, but most of all it's the messages I receive saying thank you.

As you said, your girlfriend has her own style channel - how is it dating someone with such a strong online presence? I think it's great, I feel very proud of her when she gets stopped in the street and people ask for photos. There have been a few weird moments with her fans coming up to her and just being like "HELLO........." (1 minute pause) right in her face as if she is supposed to know them and then asking really weird questions.

How do you respond to haterzzz? Haha, each case is different. These days I try not to respond but in the past I did respond with angry messages. Some of them are actually quite harsh, but the majority are hilarious. A favourite of mine was something like "I saw you holding another girls hand and cheating on Sam, you white devil".

Best supportive comment? It's really difficult to choose as most people are so lovely, but in general it would be one that says when I make a difference in their life or they can see how I've made a difference in my girlfriend's life.

Is there a difference between online persona and the real life Jason? Not really, I say how I feel and what I'm thinking. I don't see why anyone would change the way they come across online, I hate fake people.

You've gained a big following from being candid about depression. What are your top tips for helping to battle mental illness? First of all, if someone is suffering from a mental illness please visit my youtube channel as it will help far more than these few sentences. My top tip is to accept your current situation, accept your feelings and you will learn not to be scared or upset. Talk someone and get help, no one will judge you.